Water and valuable product recovery&reuse

As Bychim Kimya, we know to what large extent water reuse is important. Depletion of resources every passing day also emerges re-utilization of water and valuable product following reuse. The products lost in wastewaters in consequence of industrial processes are reused with eligible processes. These products may be turned into profit in enterprise and used in process again and so decrease raw material need,  reduce operating costs in this fashion. Therefore, we offer systems, using also the products of which we make distributorship for the sake of presenting the most ideal solutions to ourcustomers. Our projects we have realized as Bychim Kimya on reuse of water and valuable product are given below. 

- reuse of water and alcohol from platicizer wastewaters
- reuse of acid and water in galvanized coating plants
- reuse of copper and water from PCB (Printed Circuit Board)   
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