Wastewater Treatment and Water Recovary & Reuse

Fast contamination of water resources every passing day reveals the necessity of treatment of such wastewater after usage for industrial or dometic purposes. This treatment procedure is achieved with physical, chemical or biological ways depending on the parameters scuh as wastewater characterization, cost, operating and discharge criteria desired. * Chemical treatment is done in a manner that various chemicals are added in fast and slow mixing units of wastewater, these chemicals react with the polluters in wastewater and their removal from water through precipitation of polluters. * biological treatment is performed as follows: domestic and industrial wastewaters are biodegraded with the aid of oxygenated and/or  oxygenless bacteria and polluters form biomass and are spearated from water. * Physical treatment is realized in a way that the oils and coarse wastes in water is removed by means of mechanical procedures like grid, oil stripping pallets and similar apparatus without using any chemicals or bacteria. All tretment methods are utilized in accordance with processes and demands of our customers by Bychim Kimya.

Our applications are as follows;
- domestic wastewater treatment
- industrial wastewater treatment
- recovery and reuse of water and valuable products
- greywater applications.