UF Systems

Ultrafiltration system is a filtration technology realized through use of ultrafiltration membrane. Pore diameters of UF modules are between 0,1- 0,01 micron, so all particles larger than this diameter are rejected and purification of water is thus ensured. Consequently, high performance is provided for removal of organic matterg and turbidity. One of the fiedls in which ultrafilatration systems are implemented is the treatment of drinking water. Because the microorganisms needed to be  removed by adding chloride in conventional methods are filtered  by UF systems, eliminating  use of extra chemicals preventing and hindering the formation of such byproducts called THM (trihalometan), which are very harmful to human , resulting from  reacting with chemicals with microorganisms.
uf sistemleri bychim kimya

In the following visual example, the particles trapped and passed by UF membranes are shown.  -uf systems bychim kimya - Another area that UF systems are used frequently is pre-filtration part before feeding water into reverse osmosis system. In  addition, for reuse water after biological treatment, UF systems are also preferred. As a result, UF systems reduces costs and brings high performance for your business. As Bychim Kimya, our filtration systems are designed either full automatic or semi automatic depending on customer demand and Koch Memberane Systems are utilized for UF membranes. With the addition of biological treatment unit, UF systems may be converted into MBR system easily. Subject to customer demand, our firm can deliver turnkey system or supply only membrane module. We can namesome of the areas that UF systems are used frequently;
  • Industrial solid
  • liquid separation processes
  • reuse of process waters
  • pre-filtration before feeding into reverse osmosis systems
  • treatment of drinking water