RO Systems

ro sistemleri bychim kimyaThe units aimed at producing pure water by ensuring to remove  dissolved ions in water through utilizing reverse osmosis membrane technologies are called as reverse osmosis (RO) systems. As Bychim Kimya, we design RO systems in a a manner to develop the most suitable solution after analyzing the water to be treated. The membranes we use in our systems are spiral wound membranes.  RO systems are used in all kinds of industrial and domestic applications easily. Generating fresh water by separating salt and hamrful ingredients from sea water is one of the most frequently used areas of RO systems. Another usage area is obtaining drinking water as a result of treatment of river water, tap water and natural spring waters. Furthermore, water recovery with RO system following biological treatment  has been increasing gradually recently in industries and hence the decrease in operational costs substantially. As Bychim Kimya, we are here to provide projects to all kinds of  your problems. Please contact us for more information.