MBR Packaged Systems

These are containerised MBR systems comprising biorector and filtration units. MBR Packaged systems have portable and compact structure,  have none or minimum  need to operating personel, accordingly, operating cost of the system is less in comparison with conventional treatment facilities.  MBR Packaged units are preferred especially for the project where area is restricted, the places where no sewer line is available and the projects requiring no need for an operator. Apart from that, it is also preferred in vessels, hotels, sites, factories.
MBR Packaged systems operates with the same principle as the MBR system in conventional treatment facility and plays important role in water reuse and water treatment by way of membrane technology.  Hollow fiber type submerged membrane is employed in MBR Packaged systems. In this way, footprint of system also goes down. Additionally, as system is modular, when desirded or needed, its capacity may also be expanded.  Systems may be designed semi-automatic or full automatic and all flow and control of the system may be ensured with PLC. Besides, in the direction of customer demand, in case of any trouble with remote control, Koch Membrane Systems' engineers may intervene directly. The fields that

MBR Packaged unit is used frequently are:
  • New household constructions
  • holiday villages
  • hotels
  • villas
  • universities
  • municipalities
  • industrial wastewater reuse
  • greywater reuse
  • improvement projects.

Within MBR Packaged unit, the following units are available:
  • fine grid
  • anaerobic tank
  • denitrification tank
  • MBR tank
  • dosage unit.
As Bychim Kimya, we would be pleased to provide all kinds of support to our customers with our MBR systems. Click for video link.  

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