Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Bychim builds and commissions wastewater treatment facilities with the purpose of recovery and reuse of these waters and/or bringing to discharge limits of the wastewaters occurred as a result of prodocttion processes of the organizations like industrial plants, factories, organized industrial zones. These facilities are planned specaially based on sector and characteristics of wastewater.  Wastewater treatment systems designed with the aim of treating industrial wastewaters vary according to dimension and treatment units, type of industry/sector, production method, wastewater quantity, pollution values of wastewater and type of receiving environment. As a result of the decrease in water resources and increasing importance of water reuse, quite strict regulations are applied on  treatment of industrial wastewaters. Since processes are different, industrial wastewater charachterizations also show difference from one industry to another one. Our firm presents the solutions suitable for industry both reuse and direct discharge into channel or discharge into receiving environment. As Bychim Kimya, with "KOCH Membrane Systems" an "CEMBRANE Ceramic Memberane" whom we represent , we obtain very successful results even for the difficult to treat industrial waste waters. Thanks to integrating membrane filtration systems with ecovery and reuse technologies, industrial waste waters are not only treated bu also reused so as to be used as irrigation, washing, etc as well as process water at the same time. Thus, a total solution is brought to wastewater problem. As Bychim Kimya, we also offer the possibility of testing our processes  through our pilot plant applications in order to see the results of the process offered by our firm before your investment.  As Bychim Kimya, Some of the application areas  for which we work for  Industrial Wastewater Treatment needs are given below. For more detailed information, please contact with us.

  endüstriyel atıksu arıtımı bychim kimya- Wastewater Treatment Facilities for Organized Industrial Zone bychim kimya
- Iron Steel Industry
- Textile Industry
-Paper Industry
- Automotive Industry
- Petroleum and Petroleum Products Industry
- Chemical Industry- Metal Coating Industry