Greywater applications

gri su uygulamaları bychim kimya
Greywater applications bychim kimya.  Today,subject of recovery and reuse of water is of great importance as a result of the decrease in water resources.   Treatment of greywater involves all wastewaters remaining outside toilet water, one of the largest sections of sewage, having the leastest pollutant containing among types of wastewaters and being the easiest recyclebility into water systems such as irrigation and underground water. As water saving up to 50% is provided daily with reuse of greywater, it also lowers amount of drinking water used in reuse plants. The most efficient treatment method for greywater treatment is ultrafiltration and MBR technology. UF membranes and MBR systems of Koch Membrane Systems are the products that guarantee customer satisfaction. Coupled with full automatic PLC unit, our greywater treatment system is  a quite easy treatment unit. Primary advantages of greywater reuse are: - water saving up to 50%- preventing use of drinking water as domestic water- increasing sustainability by using natuıral water resources more effieicntly- decrease of intensity in mains water distribution line, so extension of infrastructure life. The water obtained has the quantity to provide hygiene conditions. Treatment stages of greywater treatment and reuse system and the flow chart of   the stages are given below in flow chart. Primary treatment (equalization tank). Secondary biological treatment (filtration tank). clean water tank.